BLDC Motor & Motion Solution

Since our company started in 2007, we've been dedicating ourselves to researching & developing BLDC Motor and related motion products. Several series and models have been created so clients can make choices based on their specific needs.

Advantages of BLDC Motor over Brushed Motor
1. Fast response - lower rotor inertia
2. ongevity, low noise, no sparks, and no maintenance required -no brushes friction and wearing issue
3. Compact size - no brushes and physical commutator

Advantages of BLDC Motor over Induction Motor
1. Fast response -lower rotor inertia
2. High efficiency - higher switching frequency and little secondary loss from the rotor
3. Compact size -a power permanent magnet which saves space and is suitable for mini-sized machine
4. Flat torque -torque remains the same even if the speed changes
5. Wide range of speed settings - from 100RPM to 4000RPM or more