In 2007, we recruited a new generation of elite young graduates and ventured into the area of motor control. We studied basic motor theories, researched motor control rules, and discussed motor control interface usage. Furthermore, we attended numerous conferences and visited hundreds of clients across forty some different industries V just to thoroughly understand the usage behaviors of the end customers.

During this period of time, we encountered a variety of challenges. However, with
the belief that motor is the foundation of industry
the dream of moving traditional industries up the value chain
the culture of collaborating with our team like a family,
and the passion of solving problems for clients and exceeding own expectations.

We finally overcame the barriers, gained experience with each challenge, and eventually mastered our skills. We have been applying the expertise that we've developed to numerous customization cases along with the following products in our DEXMART brand.

EIndustrial Applications V BLDC motors, motor drivers, gear boxes, and accessories.
ELight Vehicle Applications V Brushed / Brushless motors, motor drivers, drive wheel, motor differential gear module, and accessories.
EBLDC Motor Drive Wheels V BLDC motors, motor drivers, and accessories.

We look forward to collaborating, innovating, and creating new product values with you in the future!