Our Capabilities

High Speed Motor
Feature: Speed up to 40000RPM
Applications: Centrifuge,Emulsifier,Homogenizer,Low power spindle motor

Quadrant Control of Motor
Feature: To control motor with an electromagnetic brake enables stable deceleration
Applications: Pallet truck, forklift, Vertical drive, other machines request deceleration smoothly

Torque Control of Motor
Feature: To control motor output torque through potentiometer or DC voltage.
Applications: Bar feeder, wilding machine, Door safety protection.
Quickly Reverse Operation
Feature: To control motor reverse operation quickly through electromagnetic brake.
Applications: Tapping machine.

Sensor-less Drive
Feature: To drive BLDC motor with hall sensor, for special applications.
Applications: Hood exhaust, Fluid transmission equipment, Simple spindle motor.

Special Interface Control
Case 1ˇGEncoder Interface.
ApplicationsˇGUltra Low Speed MotorˇAPosition Control.
Case 2ˇGTo start motor through infrared sensor.
Application: Hand dryer

Case 3ˇGTo drive light vehicle through torque sensor.
Applications: Power aided bike or wheel chair.